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Heavy Haul Trucking Specialist - 100 Ton Trailer Available
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American Indian Transport is a heavy haul transport specialist operating in the Mid-Atlantic region which includes Northern Virginia, Washington DC and the entire Northeastern part of the country. We offer the best and safest heavy haul and rigging services by going above and beyond what is expected from our clients. We specialize in transporting oversized, overweight and difficult to haul loads. Our years of experience and engineering expertise allow us to meet your unique needs. We employ quality personnel and provide impressive state-of-art equipment.

When selecting a heavy haul trucking company, it is important to choose one who cares, and who employs steps to ensure that your cargo is hauled efficiently, safely, and free from damage. Our drivers have many years of experience and are thoroughly trained in safety procedures and can make sure your cargo gets to where it needs to go. All our drivers are equipped with cell phones so that they can inform you when your cargo has reached its final destination. They check your cargo along the way to make sure that it is still strapped down safely, and they also carry plenty of extra straps, tie downs, and supplies to ensure that your cargo stays safe on the road. We go above and beyond as a heavy haul trucking company in order to provide you top quality transportation services.

To protect your equipment, we carry a standard $1,000,000 worth of insurance on all cargo loads. For those loads that require more insurance, we can increase the amount to cover your heavy haul cargo. Here at American Indian Transport we know that the little things make all the difference.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with timely helpful service at competitive prices. We treat your equipment like it was our own. Our diversified fleet can meet the challenges of most any shipment.

At American Indian Transport, we pride ourselves in specialized transportation and heavy hauls including hauling of heavy construction equipment for construction companies. AIT was founded in the Metropolitan DC area in 2013 and continues to thrive. Our business has been built on word of mouth and we would love to become your trusted business partner.